All Too Well Live (with audience noise only in the beginning and in the end) - my new favorite version!

Download here (right click and “save as”).

It’s still working, anon you just have to wait for a few seconds for the music to begin :)

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A few tracks of 1989!


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i am so ready for taylor to crucify katy perry’s ignorant ass like 1989 is just gonna piss all over her fading career

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Taylor Swift for Rolling Stones Magazine.

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Rolling Stone: The Reinvention of Taylor Swift

So my brother comes home the other day,” Taylor Swift says, “and he goes, ‘Oh, my God – I just saw a guy walking down the street with a cat on his head.’”

As an ardent fan of ready-made metaphors, as well as of cats, Swift was excited by this. “My first reaction was, ‘Did you take a picture?’”…

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Anonymous: so bad blood is about katy? how do you know? 


because of the article. she says it’s about someone who is famous and also her “frenemy” she kinda hints a lot

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taylor is literally about to drag everyone to hell on 1989 im so ready taylord christ save us from our sins

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