All Too Well Live (with audience noise only in the beginning and in the end) - my new favorite version!

Download here (right click and “save as”).

It’s still working, anon you just have to wait for a few seconds for the music to begin :)

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A few tracks of 1989!


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i am so ready for taylor to crucify katy perry’s ignorant ass like 1989 is just gonna piss all over her fading career

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Taylor Swift for Rolling Stones Magazine.

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Rolling Stone: The Reinvention of Taylor Swift

So my brother comes home the other day,” Taylor Swift says, “and he goes, ‘Oh, my God – I just saw a guy walking down the street with a cat on his head.’”

As an ardent fan of ready-made metaphors, as well as of cats, Swift was excited by this. “My first reaction was, ‘Did you take a picture?’”…

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Anonymous: so bad blood is about katy? how do you know? 


because of the article. she says it’s about someone who is famous and also her “frenemy” she kinda hints a lot

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taylor is literally about to drag everyone to hell on 1989 im so ready taylord christ save us from our sins

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For a couple whose every move was so thoroughly documented, it’s kind of shocking to think that something as newsworthy as a trip to the emergency room wouldn’t have wound up on the Internet. ‘You know what I’ve found works even better than an NDA?’ says Swift. ‘Looking someone in the eye and saying, ‘Please don’t tell anyone about this.’

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